Chicory Jumper Skirt_A0293
chicory jumper skirt Janska is characterized by a gorgeous and light atmosphere. The pale colors and antique retro atmosphere create a gorgeous atmosphere. Loose and elegant lady style, recommended for everyday wear. Color blue/green size size Length Sleeve Length chest...
from ¥8,980
Light blue jumper skirt set_A0162
. title Tanruri's jumper skirt set Description of item A cute jumper skirt set with a light color and striped design. Pair it with a simple top with a ruffle design for a complete outfit. Jeans cassette that you want...
Princess evening primrose petal dress_A0281
. title Princess evening primrose petal dress Description of item A dress that is a little sweet and makes you feel light A light color that makes you feel the arrival of the season, an airy silhouette and a gorgeous...
Rape blossom Chinese dress_A0275
. title Rape blossom China dress Description of item A lovely dress with a cheerful and sweet Chinese feel. The floral decoration that colors the whole adds a unique and elegant impression. Recommended for special outings with a slightly sweet...
Kakyo no Retro Dress_A0276
. title Kakyo no Retro Dress Description of item A dress that brings out a feminine atmosphere with light colors. The beautiful silhouette and fine button decoration create a lovely and sophisticated atmosphere. Recommended for special outings with a slightly...
Alissa's Jumper Skirt Set_A0309
. title Alyssa's jumper skirt set Description of item Janska with a lovely silhouette and elegant outfit. The frilled design on the neck creates a gorgeous impression like a fluffy flower. Recommended for everyday wear with a classical retro lady...
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